100ms iPad Trains - Yes, It's Possible

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Ok I work during the day an some nights an if my co-player ain't available I have to wait to send my train as I only have access to an iPad while in work an the best I could get is 1 second gaps in between nobles.

But no more !!!

I have tested it an if works .

Open up four windows using the app:

Set up your train in the four windows, and tap all four windows at once, that's it, simple right?



Couple questions, just individually press each OK button? And how do you get it to log into your account on all 4 windows at once, without creating tabs?

The Art of War

All your questions where already explained above...

the App you use to open up all four windows at once is posted, you click all four at once not one at a time.

You should just read a bit more carefully


Oh thanks for your helpful reply! Jeez can't ask a question around here without someone acting out....

So I click all 4 ok buttons at the same time? Was wondering if there was a shortcut way of doing it instead of lining up my fingers and thumbs and hoping the old left hand does what it meant to. Also how to ensure the order of the train.

Opening multiple times into your account from the login page doesn't always work and you will find yourself kicked out.

Sorry if my questions offended you Art of War, surely easier to ignore instead of posting. Although you wouldn't feel superior then would you???


You hit 'ok' on all four tabs, I have only use this when splitting trains so I'm unsure how you would order your train. I would open your nuke in the first tab and practice a few times score sending one for real.