3rd Speed Season Co

Shadow Play


So as the 2nd speed season comes to an end today, so must a third begin.

I'm basically looking for someone who can co play me for the third season, nothing too strenuous as i'll probably be doing the start up which pretty much wins rounds anyway. You will be the player who receives all the hate mail from players such as 'why dont you noble someone your own size noob!'

I'm still pretty busy in real life so i can never find the time to finish rounds that i could win if i kept playing. If i do get some kind of co player, we will be going for the season. Depending on competition depends on how many rounds we'll need to play. I do not plan on winning the season by 500 LP if i can win by 50+ without any extra effort. (although co may still play solo if he wishes)

You don't have to be the best speed player, just competent. The only things i do ask without compromise are :

- Skype
- Backtime/1 sec nobles
- Sniping ability to some extent
- Not hated by myself or SLAP!

This hopefully also gives someone a great opportunity to learn how to play better and also perhaps an easy way into SLAP! if you impress Matt with your awesomeness.

If you already have my skype +1 to you, but i rather see the applications on the forum before adding people and wasting both our times e.g If tropez was to mail me :3