A New UK10?


Seems this world is turning into a new uk10 with wanting to change the rules. I would like to know why these rules are wanting to be changed? Sure everyone signed up to the rules that were in place.

Maybe Dab could move some more secrets closer as well will that help people out?

Becoming a joke guys. Please sort it out.

I just gonna say this here if that vote passes I expect all secrets to vanish and start again to make it a level playing field again since we will have new rules.

1st post in 2 months in this forum so maybe no one will read it haha.


Couldn't agree more, someone loses a few nukes attacking a low morale village to try and gain a secret and they go whining to the mods to change the rules..???

How can the mods even entertain this, these are the world settings, they knew this when they started, get on with it.