A question on rules and terms of winning this world...........


Please can any one confirm exactly what is meant by Dominance by a tribe???

The reason I am asking is that the terms says dominance by one tribe and there is a limit to that tribe but on this world there seems to be a thread of how many academies or sister/brother tribes we can have.......

I have had a long break from the game but looking back over the other worlds they have all ended quickly due to this happening and until something is changed I can not see it changing...All I can see is less people playing this brilliant game because unless they join these tribes then they will be destroyed no sooner than they have started.....

On W1 we had the main tribe and an academy but when you look at the fact that on w14 tribes now have the main tribe and three or four extra add ons it kills the fun of the game which is suppose to be about war and tactics.....

Please can we have a rule change stating very clearly that you can have a main and an academy and thats it.....Please can this rule be brought in now in world 14 while we are in the first year so it does not change the end of the game but at the same time for world 15 that's just started and any new world there after....

I strongly believe the reason to limit the tribe is to allow the development and then the war side of things were at present you have limited tribes developing and less war as intended...

Many thanks


Dominance is the % of player villages owned.

So forget barbs.

if thier are 10,000 player villages, (thats including 36 point players, allyies enemies the total number of account that were made by people that still exist on a world.) and thier was a 90% dominance victory condition, one tribe needs to occupy 9000 of those 10,000 villages.

As for acadamies/allies, im not sure if they can win and total both their villages together, i guess you would have to ask a mod if that was to be allowed on your particular world

Family tribes? academy tribes? I hate them, but they have always been around and as with all things like co-played accounts, premium point abusers, massive turtles, huge ego's, it tastes so much sweeter to beat them down.


Ok thanks for the answers,

I do agree with you about fighting back but it's hard when you have 4 tribes under the same name attacking you and clearing areas.....it is making the game a mockery because you can fight a tribe on tribe situation but when you try to fight 4 on 1 at the start of the world you know you are going to get a thumping one way or another....

Please can the mods or game rulers look into this because it's getting out of hand....



You want the mods to ban alliances or family/acadamy tribes? Will never happen, and alot of people would hate it (i.e those in said family tribes).

Actually,, 4 tribes nobling in your area is nothing. and at his stage in the world, you should be well developed enough to fight back. Its only 4 tribes! Get your act together and fight back!



Firstly I am not asking for Academy tribes or sister tribes to be banned, what I am asking for is a restriction to how many you can have...

Like I have said before I was in a tribe that had a main and a second (whatever you want to call them) but when you have tribes going up to four that seems to be getting out of hand.....

I remember when tribes had 60/80 members and that was changed to allow for growth and war......What is the point in limiting a tribe to 40 if you are going to allow more than two tribes to be connected.....


The tribe limits are generally lower atm because UK world's are smaller.
Tw would not be able to do as you request, if thier was a 1 man tribe limit and i saw a dangerous player near me and it was beneficial for him to be removed I could mail 10 people to cat him,
This game is all about playing quality, making a good tribe and having good diplomacy and having contacts.

Now maybe 4 tribe want to fight you because your enemy has used diplomacy, this can be countered by your own diplomacy, or perhaps you can fight all 4 with your and your tribes ability.

Please note that almost every tribe that has had more than the main tribe/academy tribe model ie a 3/4/5/6 branch family tribe, the players suck, they are using diplomacy and tribe structure to try cover thier massive short fall in ability, now if your team is good every one of your members could fight off 4 noob family tribes, if your not then covering your ability with similar tribe structure or diplomacy could be a answer.
In w13 we have a rule to make families less effective but my tribe still found itself on the lower end of a 5:1 fight, we were much higher quality so beat the tribe against the odds.

I guess what I'm trying to say is.

. The situation isn't that dire, a family tribe wanting to fight you is much easier than say rank 1 and 2 wanting to gang bang you.

. Thiers always options, do you have allies? Do you know thier enemies? Are your members good enough, can you restructure your tribe? Can you diplomatically postpone or stop the war until better set to fight them?

Its down to you guys to talk or fight your way out of the situation not tw to make rules to make everyone equal


I agree with what you say d1mension, but I like the rule they brought in for a couple of worlds (can't remember which) where you couldn't support players outside your tribe.

Sure this didn't stop families, and people co-ordinating ofcourse. You will always have that. But it did mean every tribe had to have its own defenses and couldn't rely on getting 3 other tribes to stack all of its members for example.

Unfortunately I haven't seen a recent world with that setting.


this does kill the workability of family tribes, but also adds the intresting dynamic of not being able to follow trains with support, nor spike at start up