A thread probably not about Castle Assault


note to future self - Unforgiving is stacked. :icon_wink:


New castle assualt new reboot bring something back to these forums resembling life.

Yes I am playing still even this one lol
Pop boost flag boost warehouse package all look good to me
No pp too cheap well donated 50 for the tribe but that's it lol

Warmth Stone

1.) Yep, I've been playing it actively since it came back. I like this one better, since you don't have to hover around to try and trigger the gauge, you just have to stick all your mercs on it whenever you're online. ^^
2.) I've bought one permanent pop boost, and will possibly go for another. I like the 15% Axe & LC boost though!
3.) No, though I admit I did spend 15 PP to buy a merc in order to win. :icon_redface:


1) still playing it, these buffs will come in handy
2) I've bought 2 res packages as i believe they are better than the war chest. If you work it out, 10 villages with a level 30 warehouses equals 40k of each res in each villa, that's more res than the price of a coin also the resource package is much cheaper than the war chest. Gone for recruitment speed and 15% LC/Axe damage aswell. Will be saving for the extra 10% population boost also.
3) I did spend 150 to raid a castle very early on, i just wanted to fit in ;).