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Android - Update to version 3.01

Hello, Tribals! The Android version just got a huge update!

New Features

  • New Map graphics!
    The new map graphics are now available on Android as well - you can zoom into the map and still have a crisp image of your Tribal Wars world! As with the browser version, the new map graphics are based on our classic Tribal Wars world map, but with carefully redrawn and re-rendered graphics!

  • Decommissioning of Noblemen:
    Nobles can now also be decommissioned on the go, when the coin system is active! You will find them in the Decommission list with all other units that can be decommissioned.

  • Friends Highlights:
    Friends are now being highlighted on the main map view.

  • Report Forwarding:
    Two links have been added to report forwarding: Tribe and Friends. Both of these will show you a list of players:
    Tribe: All tribe members of your current tribe
    Friends: All players from your friend list
    You can select individual players or everyone from one list, or mix and match both lists, before sending out your report.

  • Dynamically updated resource costs
    If you recruit new units, their resource costs will now be calculated immediately and dynamically when changing the count slider, or when you add direct numbers to recruitment. You will always see the correct amount of resources that will be deducted from your storage when clicking "recruit".

  • New Notification for tribe forums
    Besides turning blue when new posts exist, the tribe forum icon will also have a notification badge, showing the number of new posts. This should help you to keep a better overview on your tribe forum inbox.

Changes and Bugfixes

Bugfixes for this Update:

  • Church level 3 is now properly shown in Village Overview
  • An issue regarding inaccurate heavy cavalry counts has been fixed on the Recruit page
  • An error caused by deleting the last available report in a folder has been fixed.
  • A display error on PP requirements when halving build time or instantly finishing has been fixed
  • Using the "back" arrow after sending resources to another village should no longer lead to an error message
  • The black screen of despair after entering a pre-reg world has been dealt with

If the update didn't arrive for your version yet, don't worry - it is currently being rolled out to all android versions of the game.


If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread
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