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becouse of rules here on .uk I contacted person on .net that is in charge and maintaining LA Enhancer script. He says he would not mind taking a look into this to make a legal version for UK.

Rules are:
- Anything that helps move troops (Scripts that help decide where troops should be sent are fine. However you must move them yourself.)
- Scripts may not send troops. In particular, clicking 'attack' , 'support' or any buttons for the farm assistant.

So if he adjust script, that in version for .uk is blocked use of keyboard and the rest stays as it is (filters, setings etc..) would that mean that script could be approved here on .uk?

Please also note, that I'm not the author and I do not have single line of code, this is only question if this would be posible somehow - in other words - I'm asking before he puts x hours in adjusting script

Please let us know



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surely if it just adds filters and in no way aids the sending of troops it would be well withing uk script rules.

ie have this part

but not have the hotkeys or the automatic features

its just sorting farms in la by available information from the reports.

or is it a no because we dont have a script mod to verify a new script would comply?

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I think your last sentence might be the reason.. I didn't even get a reply to my thread, after specifically being told to post it in here to get a reply by the support time. Thanks TW.CO.UK staff :)

Lord Greg

Apologies for any blindness or stupidity on my part, but I don't see any LA Enhancer on the list of approved scripts. Does this mean we can use one hosted elsewhere or should we just wait a couple more days for the approved page to be updated ?

Lord Greg

I understand that the script was approved, but not provided to the mods.

I asked around and got provided with this:
javascript:$.getScript('');void( 0 );

There is a link to a youtube video that explains it all at

I would skip at least the first half as it's a slow start, but basically you go to the loot assistant tab and click on the LA Enhancer (or whatever you choose to call it), set the settings you want (including loading pages 1-10) and then click 'apply' to load it all. I think you need to save the profile as default if you don't want to entering your preferences over and over again.