Amendment to server specific rule re account sitting

Discussion in 'General' started by dabookman, May 4, 2019.

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    As most of you are aware, the UK server has specific rules regarding account sitting. Since it's inception the rule has always been :

    Market Rules
    §7) Other
    (2) Addendum for accounts where owners have quit or left the game:
    Players, who quit the game and give their account over for nobling, must send in a support ticket notifying the Ingame Staff. No extension to 30 day account sits will be allowed. The sitter is then free to use the account as he sees fit providing all actions are within the rules,this allows the suiciding of troops.

    An account can be declared abandoned at 21 days continuous sitting if there is no sign of the owner’s return and the owner has left no notice of a return date.Support must be informed of your intentions to noble the account.
    Accounts that have been given over for internal nobling are not allowed to continue taking other villages, only exception to this rule is to recapture a village taken by enemy players.

    AS of today, the 21 day period has been reduced to 16 days.

    This means that after 16 days continual sitting a ticket can be submitted requesting permission to internal.

    As an account is restricted after 30 days sitting, this allows 14 days to complete the internalling process.

    Server specific rules can be found here