Application to anyone whom may find it interseting

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What's up w29, Alex here :)

If you want to scim over my stats iv played under Refuse To Recognize over on UK10 and Walatiki/TimeToShine over on the .net servers :)

I can farm, i can snipe, i can train to 100ms, i can stack as part of a team, i can nuke as part of a team, i can backtime and i can fit as many nukes before a train and as much support for after a train as you want.

Iv never spied, and iv been out of the game for too long to even know anyone to spy for, im loyal to whoever takes me on and ill work hard for you, so long as you work equally hard for me.

If youre interested, hit me up, preferably like to join a premade with some experience in it.

Look foward to playing again, hopefully bringing some old school flare.



The attack gap is 100ms isnt it? So 400ms over a total train? Unless things have changed haha


300 ms over an entire train, because the gap after the last gap shouldn't be counted.

Jeez good to be back.


400ms with a nuke in front, although you are technically correct :)


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400ms with a nuke in front, although you are technically correct :)
No, wrong.

The nuke is either sent from another village, or at a different speed. As such it isn't sent as part of the train, and can be sent with no restriction.



301 ms, train + nuke.


Why 301 ms,

I'd look at it as if the first attack was sent at 00:00?