AppMag - South West


Hello all,

I am here to present Apprentice Magicians, AKA AppMag!

We are the academy tribe of Magic. Don't judge it for that, it is here to give new players the opportunity to learn - I don't care if you're an established player on the world or just started today, I care about what you may become. A lot of potential is wasted with every player rimmed or otherwise deterred, and I think that's a shame.

I can offer one-on-one tutoring for those willing to listen and try, I will show patience and if you have a problem, you have only to ask. I won't blame you for trying and failing, I will blame you for failing to try.

Contact Celtic. in-game for recruitment, or via Skype @ someformofnonsensecalledpushty.

Finally - and consider this a kind of disclaimer - I am not a 'great' player. I'm distinctly average, but worlds are made of average players. There will be very little I cannot teach you, nonetheless, and I will happily start your journey on a solid TW career.

Much Love,