Are =FATE= cracking up?


Suppose it's quite n00bish of me not to be aware of that bombshell... if only the entire scope of all existence could be based upon the present timeframe rather than stuff that happened a while ago then I really wouldn't be looking like a complete idiot right now :( :( :( :(

Remind me, Whats Smile doing these days?


I dodged the bullet there then, god only knows how much sleep I'd lose after being called a nub and being told how inferior I am :(

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. What did he do?


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[gfx]Discussing bans is against the rules, so you would do well not to ask about them publicly. However, I see nothing in your initial rant that is against the rules- I might even agree with parts of it :icon_wink:- so no need to live in fear of an infraction. Now, back to the topic please.[/gfx]


Forgot what the topic was now.... Oh right.... Uhm WET and PEST are allies right?....

Aaaah got ya, you see what I did there?

*Ahem* as a loyal member of ZP I have minimal knowledge, and even less business to comment on, praise or condemn the actions of any of the tribes, players or n00bs uhm I mean affiliates involved in this particular war. That is all.

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WET <3 tribe hugging.

I thought we'd already established this? Along with the fact we mass recruit and are full of nubs