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Discussion in 'UK 4 [World Closed - Win Condition 100% Tribal Dom' started by Lets Dance, Mar 11, 2010.

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    player maps





    Dominance Map:
    A top player or tribe in a continent must have as many or more points
    listed on the map in a single continent to be displayed.

    In the player dominance map the villages for the 15 players with
    the most points in a continent are displayed (due to color issues).

    Nobling Map:
    This map updates every 24 hours with the noblings that occured in
    last day. It doesn't count villages nobled by its actual owner.
    The top 15 tribes are displayed in the background with the villages
    nobled in the past 24 hours showing as big squares in the foreground.

    Fastest Noblers:
    (# villages conquered since first nobled village)/(time since first
    nobled village). Basically it shows the rate of ennoblements in
    units of villages per day for the fastest players since their first
    nobled village. Again, this doesn't count villages nobled by its
    own owner. Example: I have 10 villages and never nobled one of
    my own villages, so it should show 8 villages nobled because it
    doesn't count village I started world with and first nobled village.

    Top Points per Player Tribe Map:
    Basically shows what the title says. (# points)/(# players) in each
    tribe. A tribe needs more than 5 players to be shown (that is to weed
    out the tribes with 2 or 3 high point players). This map is a great map
    to find where the elite tribes are, because mass recruiting tribes
    will plummet in the list.

    Maps found at
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  2. Strike

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    Thanks for these :)
  3. Smile?

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    anoying when you put them in spoilers
  4. Forum rules state any image about 700*700 must be put in spoilers and that includes maps
  5. bullmanbrad

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    how offten are the maps updated?
  6. Radarr

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  7. GeneralEddy

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    Wont be long and we will be on the k65 map :icon_wink:
  8. bullmanbrad

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    BDE is on there now.
  9. ewty

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    thanks for the maps, but I think colors should be brighter.
  10. codywasnevergood

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    Jul 20, 2009
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    Agreed, while the maps are useful, the colouring could do with defining,. As it stands its not that easy to have a quick look at with many similar colours.
  11. clueless42

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    I don't know what happened to the colours, but i'm assuming it's cody's fault.
  12. Daku

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    May 16, 2010
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    Colours were all good but dont know what happened lol.
  13. Radarr

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    Vital looks so small ;(
  14. Adellion

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    Literally Bi! are hugging them. :icon_rolleyes:
  15. talon11

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    whens the update
  16. AlbatrossX

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    sorry if i have missed anyhting but what has happened that needs to be updated
  17. talon11

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    the points required for continent dominance
  18. AlbatrossX

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    Oh right thanks for pointing it out for me didnt realise the little tribes on the maps
  19. DRebel

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    good stuff on this btw
  20. Son of plunder

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    Oct 1, 2010
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    i agree
    good stuff
    better in spoilers if you ask me
    makes for reading them easier