Beast Of The Black Mountain


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Beast of the Black Mountain

As long as they can remember the population of the nearby village of Caerbannog have plagued by the vicious beast which thrones atop the Black Mountain, in which shadow the village has been lying as long as history remembers.

For many centuries the beast had been plaguing the village, slaying cattle and pillaging the fields. But it also made sure that the village was kept alone.The fresh waters coming from the mountain peak kept the lands fertile and ensured that there always was enough foodstock for the villagers to make it through the winter. Then there also were the crystals which could be found in the mountain caverns. Gathered by those adventurous enough to dare the climb; of which many did not return. While not the most valuable commodity their rarity and the stories surrounding them made them valuable enough to bring moderate prosperity to the village.

But as the war came life became more desperate. Now the village no longer only had to support their own population but pay their share for the war efforts too. As the stockpile and supply of crystals ceased, the livestock became more thin and the fields were exploited the beast was seen more of a burden to the survival of the village. With time it became more aggressive and desperate, attacking warehouses and caravans trying to leave or enter the village. In these dark times the village elders decided, that the beast could no longer be tolerated.

With all that was remaining of their previous wealth the elders send out a call for the most daring adventurer.

One who would dare to climb the mountain and slay the beast.

The Event

Dear players,
welcome back to our event "Beast of the Black Mountain". In this event you will be tasked to take control of a brave adventurer and guide him on his way to the peak of the Black Mountain and slay a beast. The event will start on the 6th of March and run for 5 days.

Start: 14th May 2020, 2pm
End: 17 May 2020, 2pm
Worlds: All except UK50

Please note that we made some changes to the event since it last ran. Most importantly the equipment you can find does now yield more crystals and no longer reduces the stamina of encounters. You will also gain additional crystals when finding pieces of equipment. We also implemented a ranking that will give you additional rewards each day.

A Hero's Journey

The hero starts of at the bottom of the mountain and can decide which path to take to the top. Every icon represents a challenge the hero has to overcome. Each challenge requires a certain amount of stamina to be able to progress. Once your hero has mastered a challenge he can continue his journey by taking up one of the adjacent icons. Each challenge will reward the hero with crystals that he finds on his way.
Crystals can be spend in the event shop for powerful rewards. The hero can also find new pieces of equipment which will allow him to find better rewards. If the hero reaches the top and slays the beast he will get crystals as a reward and the mountain will reset. The hero will be presented with a new mountain with new and harder encounters but keep the equipment he has found so far.

The wise adventurer has to decide if he wants to go straight for the top to get higher rewards faster or spend more time searching for better equipment before starting a new set of challenges.

Powerful Equipment

The equipment of less fortunate adventurers can be found throughout the mountain. On every mountain all pieces of equipment can be found but this will of course require solving more encounters than are required to reach the top. There are six pieces of equipment: Sword, Helmet, Armor, Gauntlet, Belt and Boots. Each of these can be found in four levels of rarity. Carrying equipment of higher rarity will yield more crystals for your hero, but finding all pieces of equipment will also take more time. The rarity of the equipment is displayed by the colors green, blue, red and purple to indicate the increasing rarity. Equipment pieces of higher rarity can only be found if the hero possesses the previous tier. The number below all the equipment will show the bonus the hero will get when finishing an encounter.

Marvelous Crystals

The crystals that the hero finds during his adventure can be exchanged in the event shop in return for powerful items to fuel your war efforts. The items exchanged for crystals during the event will remain in your inventory when the event ends. Once the event ends, you will still have 24 hours to access the event shop and use your remaining crystals. After that time, the event screen will be inaccessible, the crystals removed and the event shop closed. Please note that when you transfer to a casual world your crystals and event progress will not be transferred to the casual world.

Now go forth and slay the beast!

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team​
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