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  1. AngryTurtle

    AngryTurtle New Member

    Oct 17, 2017
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    :D I won't say anything more, I know how it sounds, but it is actually the way it played out.
  2. beaverovshellcorner

    beaverovshellcorner New Member

    May 17, 2015
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    so the world comes to an end. and what a world it turned out to be...

    after being stitched up by abdo and restarting, came back to finish rank one and managing to cap my original vil and abdo's original vil for good measure. happy days. *drops mic
    pleased with that lol

    I just want to say a few thanks and well dones. I cant list all id be here all night but a few spring to mind

    Mitch... what a legend. I mean I just don't know where to start. with him as a co we were always going to smash it. we loved to argue daily but wow we smashed it.
    Jake... again legend. my overnight co. when he was sober he was amazing. when he wasn't, still amazing. nice one.
    Tony... the most inactive duke I ever met loooool. but he was always there watching over and made us the team we became to be. you did us proud bro.
    Paul and masters... with you 90% of the world. absolute heroes. still think we could have won the world in our 2 man tribe lol.
    stretcher... will and stu. u guys kept us going. big council presence and big in game presence. nice.
    woody... what a player. absolutely smashed it time and time again.
    Maya... shaun and gav. been an absolute pleasure to watch you work. a great team.
    jlonce... loved playing alongside you. awesome lads. couldnt have done it without you.
    hitmonchan... been a pleasure as always. see you next world. esther... your an angel. all the best with the twins. amazing player amazing person.
    pete.... legend. enough said.

    shoutouts to red, gabbe, Burchy, hld and all my other friends who iv played multiple worlds with many. see you on the next worlds :)

    congratulations rogue xx
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