Best Warlord of early W24


So I want to do something different. I want to see a list of 7 people Who you would consider the best warlord/fighter/defender/attacker in the world and why. Try to be as unbias as possible and be respectful to each other, as I know there is a few I would rate.

Personally Mine come in no particular order. These are the guys i think I would unbiasedly have in a tribe of 7 and take on the world :). A warlord to me is someone you can fight beside no matter what and know you got each other.

*Grantorino. Now he is a strange one to me. For some reason there has always been a respect from the day we met. He is to be fair a fine player and a cool guy. Recently being in the same tribe for once and talking in group chat on skype, he is a player of skill and fine forum wording. I think most people will agree in the timing war GT saved a few of them with his snipes :). I have seen him snipe a load and like every player makes mistakes but its the way he fights on which makes him a warlord

Panicoss. I don't believe he comes on the externals much, but this guy is a rockstar. In RL and Ingame. I met panicoss when we were in a situation where it was me and him early world and we were Alone just him and I surrounded totally by 4 different tribes (Honey badgers, CND, Creed and CNR with multiple fakes from the two Vodkas but i dont class that) and we held them off for a fair while. Inevitably it was like any other hero story of a small army fighting a large. Remembered for fighting and dying rather than winning the war. Then we re bumped into each other on this world in better positions and he showed himself well when opped on :) .

Insomnia. Many know me and Insomnia have many run-ins but it is no lying in the old saying "You argue with people that show you, yourself." I must say they are fighters :D. Even in arguments and such (some being in inappropriate places) they all show a willingness to fight till the end, no matter the ending. I like this spartan mentality. Also I have seen 360 in places sniping and such and I must say Him and GT would be on a level at it in my opinion. Beaver I have spoken to on many occasion. Me and him would farm all day and compete for looter and exchange pleasantries, and Alex i never really had much with but all 3 together Are a great team and a warlord.

Animal. This guy took a beating as known... not much support arriving in time and the element of surprise was against him. The guy stood his ground and took some punches, and is still standing. Recapped a village, lost it again but its the constant never giving up which i rate him for. I seen Ani pull off a few snipes not long ago 1,2,3,4, I kept seeing him put in the chat and then he would disappear for 5 minutes again and come back with more info. I like Ani because he is smart. Makes decisions with his actions irrationally but knows how to rock it out and make a bad situation into a good one.

Notlime Don't have a clue who he is at all :) But i have seen him grow inside 2 wars. Tis a good quality when a player nobles enemies. It was like he is happy when there was war and then just gobbles what he can grab by him. I like the fact he is mysterious too :D.

Hypnofrog Well this is the one that is slightly biased because he is a sensible guy and he knows i like him so i was definitely going to have to add him here :p. Guy i get along with very well, and can have a moan at and tell him hes a snake, and still come out nice and gentle, and polite but when it comes to war he just smashes what he can and eats if he can as his travel times are mad :p. Like the fact he is not to cocky yet he still stands his ground when people talk about his tribe or him :) Every group of warlords needs its level headed thinker.

Nathan55 Loud mouth, sneaky tactics, and likes to be crude :p. Yet this is one of the funniest guys in TW :D. The guy always gets stuck into any war thats going, verbally and with his account, and uses tactics to achieve his goal, which some may call sneaky but others may call smart. I think he is an underestimated entity, but... i dont know if he farms good so he could be growing slowly because of that. I like him because he gets stuck in and gets the job done, like a kamizake pilot. :D

Well this is my list of Warlords who i would all want in a tribe with me.
Who would you pick as your top 7.


Awesome post Visser : ) Much appreciate the publicity ; )

I think I might have to write one up tomorrow.


I don't know enough about actual players on this world yet, but I can at least list the qualities I would look for in a 'Warlord'.

1. People I can get along well with and enjoy the game with.
2. People who are swift and unselfish with their support. It's always nice to have support incoming only a few minutes after requesting.
3. People who don't chase rankings. One of the best signs of this is if someone is willing to pre-noble a village for you when you each have two nobles.
4. Activity. One of the most important commodities in a war.
5. Skillz. I like my sitters to be able to snipe and train well!

If you have all those things, then I want you on my side! And if you don't have them all I would usually be fine with letting one or two slide so long as the others are covered.


Good post Barry, I agree with every name on there, think it would be my top 7 too :p

However Nathan would be for a different reason. He isn't individually much of a warlord in terms of loads of nukes and amazing snipes, but he definitely knows how to play his underhand cards just perfect to cause an upset within other tribes, as far as I know he almost solely demolished TIME early game with his circ to them.

I think I'd put you up there too after your antics in the BB war, I'm sure you would've liked to have added yourself too, you're just being humble ;)


I think I'm going to cheat and break the rules :-0 how naughty....

I don't know that many people on 21 so I'm going based on those that I do or stuff that I've seen.
Here are a few people I'd happily have win w24 alongside me in Wotn and why same as Barry no particular order.

Mrslickster01 - I know him from w21 great player great sniper crazy active and every tribe needs a resident tech geek and he's the biggest techy I know.

Gran Torino - pains me to say it but anyone who's willing to snipe trains for the tribe especially given the distance successful or not is happily play alongside.

Insomnia - again played with on 21 when they can be assed they are great players just lazy ;p

The Unforgiving - don't know much about past history but decent people on the acct and they clearly no how to farm and grow.

But I do not know animal or pani to comment ( but If animal
Is still kicking after the pounding we gave him
He's alright in my eyes he'll be the only
One we've hit not to quit and down tools and I hate quitters :) )

But I feel we've got some great great players in Wotn or I wouldn't be here

Katsup - ex .net player great chatty bloke never misses a launch and always happy to organise and help out in any way needed.

Not lime - quite but friendly active as almost anyone I've come across (bar myself of course :p) and clearly knows how to play to be growing the way he is.

But you just can't forget the unsung heroes those people you forget exist but you rely upon

Mitage,bergan and others - always active help with def when ever required and is willing to launch there last troop in aid of the tribe (willing to sacrifice last 200 lc after nuke splatted as an anti snipe)

In all honesty there are just too many to name
Wotn are all amazing people and it's a great tribe minus the odd chimp or two :)

I'll leave it at that it this post be like 2 miles long


awwwwww, you guys just gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside of being wanted, i love you guys <3

yes wotn., you too <3


Lovin the huggin in this thread. Well done Barry for starting.

Of the minnows, I gotta give props to Facesplitter, who despite being a newbie, saw through my deception and had first the gumption to call on one of the top players in the world to help him snipe my train and secondly twice successfully pulled in rapid support from his tribe of apparent noobs to stack him and kill two nukes and four more nobles. Got him in the end but pleased to see him restart rather than just quit. Great commitment.


Thanks for the participation guys ;) Reduaram, I also agree with that criteria :). Thanks Selwen *shy*. Hypno, nice post, but a bit more than 7 there :p. As for the others in here, please do your ratings ;) Twill be fun to see who gets mentioned the most. Thanks for all participating.


The list is unbiased, and contains a general overview of what I see in each of the listed players. I'm basing my list of Warlords off of a few traits which I think are very important to have in anyone's TW career.

- Integrity
- Player capability
- Strategy
- Personality
- Willingness to help/support
- Activity

=The Devil= .
I was lucky he approached me in UK23 about co-playing me. Hands down the greatest guy I have ever had the pleasure to meet on TW, he's a great laugh, reliable, amazing tactician, good with his timings - A pro all rounder that puts his friends/tribe mates before himself in any case, a very respectable man who is always happy to help newer players - He's an absolute joy to be working alongside, he's stuck with me now!


This is the first guy that stood out to me in UK24. I haven't seen what he can do on the battlefield, but I know I won't be disappointed the day I do see.

He's a great farmer and definitely knows his stuff.
The day before Looter Of The Day came about, he splatted a half nuke on my walls - That's a fair amount to have at that time as it is.
On the SECOND day (sorry hypno ; )) of LotD release - somehow he managed to get it. Very impressive stuff, I think I can see this man going far on this world and making some valuable friends with his easy - going personality, and great play.
Another very polite and well mannered player. I get a level headed vibe from him and it's refreshing to see that amongst all the arrogance and ego TW has to offer.

Mr Slickster

As mentioned before, this guy knows his systematics and how to do a lot of things techy in and outside of game. He's got great wit, and will always make you laugh wherever you speak to him.
He's good with his timings in co-ordinating attacks, support and snipes and always seems to give good information/constructive criticism where its needed, another level headed thinker that is a great benefit to work with.


Much unlike the IGN suggests, This guy is a very stable and loveable character. Always seems to keep morale high within a team when the going gets tough, and is always happy to help out council with diplomacy and advice.
He'll use his Off/Def to help anybody on the same team that asks - He's not afraid to rebuild, he's going to earn himself a lot of favours.
He's good with his timings - all round great guy. Keep it up!

With that being said, there are so many other players who have good qualities about their play, great personalities and lots of potential - I personally haven't seen quite enough of it yet though, so my list is only of 4 as it stands.

Its a little huggy, but we all knew this is how this thread was gonna go down ; )

Thanks for taking the time to read. : )
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awwwwww, you guys just gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside of being wanted, i love you guys <3

yes wotn., you too <3

You gotta love someone who doesn't know when he's beat ;p lol

And aww gran Torino no me in your little post? I should of left you out of mine aha


You're one of the players I'm talking about in the the last paragraph, like I've said before I can only go off what I know and what I've seen so far. I know you're good, others have said - but I haven't seen it first hand yet so I can't comment on it of course.

I've also known you have lied a few times and broken your word, if you look at my explanation of how I'm classing a 'warlord' you would understand thats a minus

No need to be spiteful : (


Appreciate the kind words GT but prefer to be Vegemite. Same thing different name :p.

Keep on with your lists boys and girls :). Tis very interesting reads, as everyone's view of the same people vary :)


Nice to see a topic that is positive, overall TW is a game, I like and respect a number of players in Ghosts (Hell I am in a tribe with them on W23).

I am unapologetic for my sneaky ways by the way Barry ;)




I actuals right liked this thread, but i dont know no warlords really, tis quiet on the rim.

Only person i would at this time mention is Ani-mal.

Reasons being

Could of stayed with sky and had a safe easy time, chose to stick to his views and not take the easy option which many a tw player are guilty of.
Faced off a surprise opp and didnt get totaly rimmed, position considered i dont think anyone would say he was a poor player even if he had
Then once the dust settled and in actuality, many a player would spy whats left of thier account n throw in the towel, it is demoralizing to say the least, but not ani-mal.

before Wotn jump down my throat n say im hating on them or bigging up ghosts, this is not the case, im just praising a player in a situation i at least know a tiny bit about.


Won't jump down your throat for praising Ani Mal as I agree with you, recapped a few villas even with his main ones gone, but I really don't think not quitting after being opped is an accomplishment.


It adds to it, like i know you guys are big critics of the ex timing players n what not, but for Ani-mal, he wasnt a refugee as you put it, he chose the hard road and is sorta making it work, so hats off.


Yeah that's the part I agree with you on, shame it did end in war because when he was on the council at Sky he did know what he was doing and was nice to work with