Best Warlord of early W24


Could of stayed with sky and had a safe easy time, chose to stick to his views and not take the easy option which many a tw player are guilty of.

What do you mean?

The reason he isn't in Sky is because we demoted him from council when he made a ridiculous decision without consulting anyone on council; he then threatened to leave if we didnt reinstate him which we didnt, and then he left...


because when he left he had to decide weather to stay in sky and put up with what he disagreed with, or stick to his guns and have a far harder time. Ive been duke of a tribe and demoted by the other one, didnt give a monkeys what people thought of my decision tis going too far.

However the picture is painted, he could of remained in the rank 1 tribe if he so desired, he chose not so kudo's