Bot Wars


i don't mind people who burn through PP, it's part of the game and obviously inno benefit from it.

but more and more i'm getting frustrated with such obvious botting and nothing being done about it.

the pp exchange is being botted so it's insta bought. You literally just have to watch the exchange to see it botted.

i reckon we should call w40 'skynet' - because maybe that's when there will be more bots than people.


i think it's just vexxing me so much more because the mods don't seem to be arsed about it at all.

i flagged up several accounts on W38 that were breaking coplay rules, nothing at all got done.

Classic is literally being a merge to win world and Bookman has done a little something about it but these cheaters need to be completely smashed.

i got banned for a day during startup because my name was deemed offensive. our tribal profile has been ripped and replaced because the text offended some left wing snow flake.

yet the world is filled with people using scripts and bots building shit villages with stupidly high hiding places...this is a fact, cos out of a lot of them we've reported, many have been banned.

just annoys me that the mods seem to spend more time on ensuring profiles are 'sensitive' and don't offend, while this game is being butchered.

i know everyone says it, but if it continues like this - this is going to be my last world. the game is being ruined and very little is being done about it.


I agree. This game is getting ruined. I thought it odd that there were so many villages with the minimum troops and exactly the same build with the village named as it was set by default after the user account. Far too many of them and despite having not built any troops once they have been cleared they have continued to all grow in the same way with their hiding places now maxed out. Seems some folks are only in it to sell pp.

PS. note things must be getting bad .. I only usually ever read this forum and never post.

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Does the lack of intervention from mods surprise you? :D

Pass the book or easy wins is all they go for...