Brian The Messiah

Brian the Messiah

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Name: Brian The Messiah. But you can call me Dave.

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Tribal Wars Job: Speed Mod

History: It's all in the past

Location: UK

Favorite Beverage (alcoholic): I have to choose a favourite?

Favorite Beverage (non-alcoholic): They do non alcoholic beverages??!

Hobbies: Playing tribal wars! watching tv

Favorite Music: Rock

Favorite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Weeds, Dexter, Vikings, Suits, Family Guy, American Dad, and so on

Favorite Movie: Monty Python: Life Of Brian!

I can't live without: Oxygen

I don't like: Fast Speed Rounds, anything over speed 50 is ludicrous. Suffer.


Nice one, Dave. And have patience with the slow ones like me. The buttons are missing >.>

0 s0 speedy

Name: Raised round lover

Gender: Raised round

Age: Raised round

Tribal Wars Job: Raised round Mod

History: One non raised round

Location: Your local Raised round

Favorite Beverage (alcoholic): Raised round juice

Favorite Beverage (non-alcoholic): Non alcoholic Raised round juice

Hobbies: Raised rounds

Favorite Music: Skype chat spam when a raised round appears

Favorite TV Shows: Raised round threads

Favorite Movie: The life of Raised round

I can't live without: Raised rounds

I don't like: Start up rounds
​Fixed it for ya, Gazza