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  1. Xadron999

    Xadron999 Guest

    wtf? what problem do you have with me? I'm talking the truth ask the support. Ask my cos. I would post the tickets with the support but unfortunatly I don't have the current pw of the acc :D
    What do you think is nonesense? That we quit because we didn't want to loose 50% of our villages and mainly start all over again? Why would I try to ly about that. 25% infraction because of the script. 25% infraction because of some double IPs = 50% and we decided that we have more important stuff to do than to build up a 180k village.
    But if there's something still not clear to you just message me per pm or in skype (if you have me there I don't know).
    and about the school :D well I'm not really familiar with the english school system but I just finished school as best in my grade. So no, no homework to do o_O
  2. Shame you can't close this thread ?!? are no more :)