Casual worlds are not casual worlds


Apparently they start out as casual worlds but they will be ended by conversion to normal worlds. The call to play in a world where the pressures of normal play will not be needed, is not a promise. It is only until someone out there somewhere decides that you have had enough fun now.

It may come as a surprise to many.... but that's how it goes.

So here we go ... it will be possible to be a proud winner of a casual world... wow... great going hey. May the force be with you as you go about merging and co-playing the profiles to reach a win in a casual world.

So beware if you are looking to simply play a game for fun without being overrun by some professional profile with multiple owners. It will only be so for a while and then the settings will be changed so that they can indeed come and spoil your fun.

The professional profiles will be granted the opportunity to come and attack you and take your village and end you play on the world ... and they will feel like hero's stealing your candy floss and and melting your ice creams.