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this will be the perfect world for me then, i haven't played for over a year and a half lol, i can imagine if i joined a world now i would just get wrecked.


good to see your back steve :)

and dont worrie about getting wrecked,there is no need to even set the alarm clock for it :D


as worlds go it is ok for the easy TW life and liking the settings though quicker building barbs would be nice and maybe just a few round me?

The flag building is very handy so as this will be abused :icon_redface: maybe it should be made flag less?

Finally looking at the tribe rankings it is a who's who of all those familiar tribes you see each world that recruit like mad before getting eaten and here they are the world masters.

Is a brilliant idea


This has to be the hardest world to get on to but am here now and did a restart to see if the quest was on it and yes it is.

In replay to CF i had to ask cristian ciura octav to rim me on w17, god knows if he is still on there but big thank you for helping me get on here.


Hi All,

Casual world here I am, interesting world, the % rules makes it somewhat interesting and somewhat a headwreck, a lot of tribes, small, medium and big tribes are deff point whoring on it as the % rule protects them from being attacked, most big tribes would struggle to be even on a min 1 to 1 ratio cos of their point whoring, our tribe tho TW1TS are deff not point whores we have to many troops as ~C!~ aka Cerberus! have been finding out latley lol, tho I have to say tho the amount of mixed villas sent at us has been well apart from funny, pretty noobish in reality.