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Update to version 8.192

Hello everyone,

Our new update will be released on Tuesday 26th November and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Changes and Improvements

Tribe Overview
As we announced prior to the update, we collected your feedback and are happy to see the majority was pretty positive on this upcoming change. To better support Tribe leaders of big and small tribes alike, as well as helping new players get a better overview on their tribe, we added a lot of information on the Tribe Information window.

As long as a tribe member is giving his okay to do so, the tribe leader can now see all data about his account that might be useful to them. Many additional tables and logs will be added to the tribe members area, so logging into an account just to catch up on statuses should no longer be an issue, while keeping login credentials safe and making potential misuse of sitting no longer needed.

Very important: Every tribe member can decide for themselves what they allow to be shared with the tribe. Sharing your statuses of premium, troops, building levels, support, incoming attacks and commands can be turned off and on separately in the tribe member settings.

Improvements to the Unit widget in the village overview

  • Now it will be possible to filter in the units widget into the following groups: all, own, and other.
Tribe Overview:
  • The Tribe Overview will add new events to the event log, as well as filters to make the log easily readable.
  • Tribe rights will get multiple new tabs showing troops, buildings, defenses and point trends of all players to barons/dukes
  • Regular members only can see name, rank, points + trend, global ranking, villages, features and groups within a way smaller overview. With these tools, leads should be able to checkup on their members and productivity easy and without having to log into various accounts.
Tribe member troops:
  • Duke and Baron can see, for every player who opted in:
    • Amount of troops for each unit and player village
    • Details for all troops (supporting, moving, stationary)
    • Total amount of active commands
    • Total amount of incoming attacks
  • Regular players can see just the total of incoming attacks (for organizing support)
Tribe member buildings:
  • Can only be seen by barons/dukes
  • Shows the current building level for all player villages
Tribe member support:
  • Can only be seen by barons/dukes
  • Shows, for each player:
    • Units currently in the village (own and support)
    • Units currently moving to the village & incoming support (not showing: support from other players)
    • All returning commands
    • Total amount of incoming attacks to the player

Improvement for sitter permissions

  • Added opt-out option in the account sitting screen to recall and send support home.
Bugs and fixes

  • Updated button description in the rules, for consistency with the game screen.


If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread

Your Tribal Wars Team