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Update to version 8.194

Hello everyone,

Our new update will be released on Tuesday 14th January 2020 and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Changes and Improvements

Attack of the Horde

The "Attack of the Horde" event will start on January 16! Gather your troops and get ready to breach the hordes front lines with logic and cleverness!

Report details and search

The format of attack reports will be changed to now contain coordinates and continent number. This should make searching for reports easier, since you no longer need to know the enemies' village name.

Removal of the Scavenging Overview Link

Just a tiny one: The info link on the Scavenging window forwarding to Mass Scavenging ("The Scavenging Overview functionality has moved to Mass Scavenging") will be removed. Of course all functionality will be unaffected.

Mentoring achievement change

The requirements for the Mentoring achievement (aka the number of apprentices needed) has been lowered. We noticed this achievement to be quite unattractive and hard to get, especially on worlds with less player counts, so it should now be much easier to finish. The new requirements will be calculated on all existing accounts as well, and all eligible accounts will be awarded the Mentoring achievement if they match the new requirements.

Information: Xenforo Update

Due to an update of the forum, some User accounts might get a personal message regarding their account. This should only affect users with forum accounts differing from their ingame account, multiple accounts or similar. If you get a PM, please contact our Support team as the message says and confirm your current account. Please be aware these messages will be sent out over the coming days, so keep an eye on your inbox.


If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread

Your Tribal Wars Team
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