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Update to version 8.195

Hello everyone,

Our new update will be released on Monday 20th Jan 2020 and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Changes and Improvements

Barricade Battle - Changes
Before this update, the Barricade Battle Event was taking you back to the main event overview after attacking a barricade and not fully achieving victory.
There would be no indication that you had partially cleared the barricade or which barricade you just attacked. To help with these issues, we changed the following:
  • You will no longer leave the barricade screen you're in if you don't clear a barricade during an attack.
  • A blue "Map" icon was added for stages where not all enemies are defeated
  • The Pop-up message for defeating a stage will now say "Event Map" instead of "Continue"
  • If you still have at least one unit left, a new button will be displayed to bring you to the unit selection screen.

Paladin XP Limit

To solve a possible exploit when stationing your Paladin in other players' villages and attacking with an absurd amount of troops, we adjusted the XP gain for the Paladin in this situation.
The XP gain for the Paladin is now leveling out after a certain amount of support. Your Paladin will still get XP, but the gain curve is now less extreme than before.

Information: Xenforo Forum Update

Reminder: Due to an update of the forum, some User accounts might have received a personal message regarding their account. This should only affect users with forum account names that differ from their in game account, multiple accounts or similar. If you received a PM, please contact our Support team as the message says and confirm your current account.


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