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Update to version 8.199

Hello, Tribals!

Our new update will be released on Tuesday 18th February 2020 and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Changes and Improvements

Church Radius
Before you start building the church, you will now be able to check the church radius on the map, if you're playing with a Premium account.
If the world has the church option active, you can activate this feature on the right menu (you will find a new checkbox option there). Once it's activated, you can select additional checkboxes for every single church level and check its radius as well.
When active, you can click on each village (your own, barbarian or other players' villages) to see what their potential church radius would look like.
Each church radius (small, medium, big) will be shown in a different color on both the world map and the mini map.
We hope you'll find good use in this new, helpful feature. It should make it easier for players to plan your perfect church setup!


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