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Update to version 8.205

Hello, Tribals!

Our new update will be released on Tuesday 7th April and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Anvil of the Mercenary King

This update will bring a bunch of small, but hopefully helpful changes to the Anvil of the Mercenary King event!
Additional Event Day
We will extend the event by one additional day, so you won't end up with leftovers and can take your time crafting your final items on the King's forge!
On this additional day, you will not be able to contribute to the rankings anymore, and you will not be able to purchase additional materials with Premium Points.
However, you will receive the materials from your last daily ranking, and you still will be able to craft items with all materials that might still fill your inventory.

More Items added to the item pool
The following items have been added to the event:
  • Archer Booster Gold
  • Defense Booster Gold
  • Sword Booster Gold
  • Catapult Damage Booster
  • Workshop Booster Bronze
All of these rewards can now be earned via crafting throughout the Anvil of the Mercenary King event. Good luck!

Material price increase by rarity
A fan favorite: Previously, the material price increased for a specific material. This might have put you in unlucky situations, where a desired item requires material you don't have. So, we changed it!
Now, the material price will instead increase for all materials at the same rarity level.
  • Lead, tin, copper and steel are common materials
  • Bronze, silver and gold are rare materials
So, for example, buying 1x lead will increase the price for all common materials, but not the price for the rare materials.
We hope this change will make the event more enjoyable for everyone

New Event Summary
After the event finishes, you will now be presented with a brand new overview of your accomplishments.


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