Changelog 8.206

Winter Storm

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Honestly no complaints about any of these last updates TW been trending in the right direction for sure.

In the future would there be a possibility of doing some sort of inventory trade system, I find that often I do not use most of my inventory and some things can be quite useless in my opinion based on my play style. Would there be able to be an update where you can trade in inventory to get perhaps, flags, premium or a random idem of the same value or a trade up so 3 broze HC boosters changes to a silver.

Also perhaps there could be a possibility to get siege reinforcements added to the inventory, you can get all types of troops except siege machines and it would be cool if the inventory randomly gave cats or you can select cats or rams out of it just an idea.

Perhaps you could even give out a randomized upgrade as a booster and it selects a building based on chance to upgrade, would be useless in late game but would be cool and interesting in early game to get a free smithy or farm upgrade.

Another flag idea could be all around booster and it would give the effects of every flag reduced drastically of course or you could use a idem that is allows multiple flags to be placed on a villa for 48hrs.

Last comment, would there be a possible way to implement a system that automatically labels hostile villas in notes if they send an attack at me, so if I were to get 500 attacks I could go to the report and click an icon and it would put a note in that villa that would go along according to that icon selected to reduced the pesky process of having to open and write a note 50-200 times in a night sometimes

Thanks Thanos