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Update to version 8.208

Hello, Tribals! Our new update will be released on Tuesday 28th April and it will contain the following additions and changes:

Push Notification Changes

We reworked the entire notification system to make it more convenient for everyone.

After this Update, you can enroll into the new push notification system via Settings → Push Notifications. As opposed to the old notifications, the new push notifications will also update you if you're not logged into the game.
Additionally, you will get tons of new information you did not get in the browser version before. Their content matches the existing push notification content for TW mobile versions and should be of great help.
The new push notifications will be activated for all worlds you're playing on, once you enabled them.

Please note: The old notification system will no longer be active after this update. If you still want to receive notifications, you will need to enroll in the new system.

Community request: Border Lines on the map

Another community request made it into the game! The border lines on the map screen should now be more pronounced and better visible in tight battle situations.

Community request: Attack indicator on Resources page

The request resources page will now show both "attack" and "support" indicators on the village list, making it easy to see on first glance if you need to move your resources.


If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread
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