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Update to version 8.222

Hey everyone,

it's time for a small, but cool community update! It will be released on Tuesday October 6th, and among a few other setups for future content, we managed to put in a few updates and fixes that have been asked for by the Tribal Wars community. Here's what's coming:

Noble Planner Sorting

In the Noble Planner window, you will now be able to sort the table by village points, as it is the case in all other overview tables in the game.

Night Bonus window update

When hovering over a village on the map screen, the player's night bonus window will now be shown.
This feature is only applicable to worlds using the variable night bonus setting, and it is a premium account feature.

Updated Mobile Inventory

To help players using the inventory on the mobile version, we optimized the graphics and UI a bit:

- Icons are larger to make them easier to interact with
- Tapping the item icon will open up a box to show additional information
- Arrow buttons are added to switch between multiple pages of inventory (only visible if there is actually more than one page used)
- The pagination display on the bottom of the page should be easier to read and to use


We hope all of these changes will make Tribal Wars an even better time for you! More community updates are on the way, so be sure to let us know what you would love to see updated next time!
If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this feedback thread

Your Tribal Wars Team
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