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Hey everyone,

Our next update will be released onTuesday 10th February 2021, and with it, we'll be releasing a community change!

Booster Duration Changes

To improve the user experience with boosters, you can now apply a second booster of the same item onto an already running one. This will prolong the effect by the amount of time the second boost is good for. For example, if you have 10 hours left on a booster, and use another one which lasts for 12 hours, the duration will be increased to 22 hours.

    • This can only be used with items which offer the same boost, but can be used if the two boosts last different durations.
      • For example, if you use a bronze noble booster on top of silver noble booster, since both give +2 loyalty loss they can be applied over one another.
      • However, you can't for example use a gold noble booster on top of a silver, as the gold booster gives +5 loyalty loss.

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