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Update to version 8.260

Hello everyone,

Our next update will be released on 26th October, and with it, there will be a new addition to the game!

A few years ago we introduced a new feature that allows players to send noble-trains directly from within the rally point. Since then there has been a popular community suggestion from you guys to introduce the same functionality to regular commands, allowing you to send out fake trains as well. With this update, we want to fulfill this request!

rally point.png

Sending commands through the rally point will now allow you to send both fake and noble trains towards a target. The mechanics remain the same as before, but with a new template selection you will now be able to:

  • Choose to send a noble train, adding nobles to your additional attacks and balancing the offensive troops' overall attacks
  • Choose to send a fake train, adding a single available siege unit to your additional attacks
Additionally, you can still customize the additional attacks to your own preference.

Note that this feature only applies to attack commands and is not available for support.

Additionally, there are two small bug fixes that come with this update!


  • Not UK relevant
  • A problem with the values of units with a power bonus being shown incorrectly was fixed.

If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so Here

Kind regards,

Your Tribal Wars Team
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