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Update to version 8.265

Hello everyone,

Our next update will be released on 30th November , and with it, there will be some new additions in this release!

  • The game didn't show decommissioning nobles as being decommissioned. It rather shows as it is being recruited, which caused confusion. This was now changed a little bit as the info about decommission should belong under existing Noblemen rather than Noblemen in education.
  • Currently, both rows in the LA are editable, but once saving it only saves one of the two. Now, there is a central save button that makes life easier!
  • You are now able to show or hide the last 5 internal tribe forums posts. So far, this has been a global setting for the tribe.

  • As there was confusion on where to find the Quest Rewards on Mobile, there now is a button on the second page in the Menu that instantly brings you there.

If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so over HERE.

Kind regards,

Your Tribal Wars Team