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    Dear community,

    Our new update to version 8.84 will be released on Tuesday the 16th of May between 14:30 and 15:00.
    Version 8.84 brings improvements to the mentoring system and expands the Tribe Skills feature with tribe quests; adding another way for you to gain prestige. The update also includes some smaller improvements to the usability of existing game functions.

    Mentoring Improvements

    We updated the mentoring screen with several improvements. You now get a list if possible mentors which you can scroll through. There are also ribbons with important information, making it easier to decide on the best possible mentor. Additionally now tribe members and friends can also be suggested as mentors by the system. We also made improvements to how the mentors are selected by the system, leading to better results and making sure you get an experienced Tribal Wars player as a mentor.

    Tribe Quests

    We have added a new functionality to the Tribe Skills system which is currently active on UK32

    With this feature a weekly quest is added to the tribe for each member to participate in. Prestige can be earned by the individual progress, as well the average progress of the tribe. The progress is calculated by the milestones each player of the tribe was able to achieve.

    Currently there are six different quests. Each tribe gets a random quest each week. Which means the quests are the same for players within a tribe, but not necessarily between tribes. The quests scale with the time a player has been actively playing on the world, so the overall values that need to be reached are lower for new players.

    Removing notes on own villages
    It is now possible to directly delete a note you set for one of you own villages. Previously you had to edit the note, delete all text and save it. Now you can simply click the "X" in the top right, confirm the pop-up for deleting this note and it is gone.

    Hotkey to send an ingame message
    Ingame messages can now be easily sent by pressing Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard.

    Wrong images in construction queue
    When demolishing buildings the construction queue was showing the wrong tier images of a building, as it was wrongly considering demolishing orders as upgrades (only for the building image, the order itself was correct).

    As always, we appreciate your feedback