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    Update to version 8.96

    Dear community,
    Our new update to version 8.96 will be released on Tuesday the 15th of August between 13:30 and 14:00.
    The update adds a ranking screen to the Tribe Skills for tribes to have an overview on the donations. Additionally there are several other improvements and bugfixes.

    Changes and Improvements

    Tribe Skills Prestige Donations
    The Tribe Skills window now has a dedicated screen displaying the donations of the tribe members for the current, last week and overall. It can be accessed vie the "Rankings" button from the Tribe Level screen. Donations will be counted from the update to version 8.96 onward.

    Hiding/Showing Achievements
    To more easily manage which achievements to show or hide players can now find a "select all" button at the bottom of the list.

    Using Mercenaries Early During Castle Assault
    During the start of Castle Assault it could happen that players could already play the event, without all quests already being active for them. This meant that is was possible to use mercenaries without them counting towards the event quests. In future iterations players will only be able to access the event screen when all quests are active for them.

    "History" Available On Homepage
    Recently we shared our Tribal Wars development timeline with you. Now you can access it at anytime by using the "History" link on the homepage.


    Quests Blocking Players
    Under certain circumstances it was possible that players got blocked from playing due to quests reaching an invalid state. This will no longer happen.

    Quest Transfer To Casual Worlds
    Quests which cannot be solved on casual worlds will no longer be transferred when a player starts playing on such a world.

    Population After Demolising A Building
    After demolishing a building it could happen that the village population was not correctly recalculated. This has been fixed.


    These are the changes for version 8.96! Please keep in mind that the servers might be unavailable during the update for a short period of time.
    In case of any delays or additional changes we will update this post accordingly.

    If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread

    Your Tribal Wars team