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    Dear community

    Our new update to version 8.141 will be released on monday the 10th of September around 14:00 CEST. This update mainly brings a few changes to the sitter restrictions and the endgame process of Casual worlds.

    Changes and Improvements
    Sitter Access to Inventories
    Sitters can now be restricted to no longer be able to use inventory items on the sat account.

    Permanent Sitter Restrictions
    The restrictions to no longer be able to send attacks, supports or execute certain other commands on permanently sat accounts now apply to all villages, not only other player and barbarian villages.

    Furthermore, accounts that are being sat too long can now also be restricted to use the Scavenging feature. This option has been enabled on all worlds on which attack enemy players will be restricted for permanently sat account. This change was already implemented with version 8.140, last week.

    Faster Casual Endgame
    The steps in which casual worlds open up the attack protection have been increased, speeding up the endgame and making more players available to attack earlier. This new system will only be running on casual worlds which launch after this update.

    Item Transfer to Casual Worlds
    The items "Flamboyant Speech" and "Prestigious Resource Package" can no longer be transferred to casual worlds.

    Simulator Cap
    To avoid calculating issues the simulator now has a unit cap of 999,999,999,999 which should be sufficient to simulate any possible battle.

    These are the changes for version 8.141!

    Please keep in mind that the servers might be unavailable during the update for a short period of time.
    In case of any delays or additional changes we will update this post accordingly.

    If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread
    Tribal Wars Team
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