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Update to version 8.154

Dear Community,
Our new update to version 8.154 will be released on Tuesday, January 22nd.
Next to some bugfixes this version brings a change to the account sitting system, improvements to the troop templates, a new resource request option in the market and other improvements.

Changes and Improvements

Account Sitting
Due to ongoing issues with the Account Sitting system we have decided to limit the amount of accounts which can be sat by a player to three. Players who are currently sitting more than three accounts will not be able to accept additional accounts, until they have the reduced the amount below the limit.

Troop Templates
Troop templates now allow you to send all units of specific type by selecting the "All" option. Additionally you can now send all units of a type, minus a specific amount. This amount reamining in the villages can be defined by a minus sign.

Scavenging Unlock Times
Unlocking the Scavenging options now shows the time remaining until when the required resources become available

Market Requests
The market now has a "Request" feature, which allows you to request resources from all your villages, according to configurable templates.


Empty Messages
It is no longer possible to send empty messages to players.

Great Siege: Renaming Attacks
It is now possible to properly rename attacks coming from Great Siege districts.

Church Radius
In some edge cases the map did not always display the correct church radius. This has been fixed.

Rank 1 (or better)
When talking about player rankings in events and scoreboards in general the game should now longer use the term "Rank 1 or better".


If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread

The Tribal Wars Team