Changelog Version 8.169

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    Update to version 8.169

    Dear Community,
    Our new update to version 8.169 will be released on Tuesday, May 21.
    This update includes two smaller improvements regarding Strongholds and public reports.

    Changes and Improvements

    Incoming Resources for Strongholds
    The Stronghold screen will now show the amount of incoming resources, as well detailed information on their origin and arrival time.

    Public Reports in Simulator (Premium Feature)
    Users with a Premium Account can now add the units of a public report into the simulator directly from the report. Please note that this functionality is only available as long as you have an active Premium Account and all necessary unit data needs to be available in the report. Hidden data can of course not be imported.


    If you want to share your feedback with us, you can do so in this thread

    The Tribal Wars Team