Cheating or Clever Tactics?


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On ordinary worlds if you get a mate to build up a village for you to capture it is an advantage, but not a massive one.

On Casual worlds the advantages can be massive.

As you can start with a fully developed village your mate can delete and you can capture it with no loss of troops. There is a risk that someone else will take it but not very high.

Now imagine if you can get your mate to build up loads of villages for you, perhaps to co-play later. He doesn't even need to delete for you to get them.
The start up advantages of extra paladins, flags, buffs are brilliant.

Is it legal?

Here is an example...

On Casual 6
The Fiend gave Thanos (in the same tribe) 25 villas in 3 days

On Casual 7
The Fiend gave Thanos (in the same tribe) 45 villas in 2 days

To have so many spare nobles this must have been planned for a long time.

The account of The Fiend , since W44 has done nothing but provide Thanos with villages.

The rules say
§4) Accounts
Creating and/or using one or more accounts for the primary benefit of another account ("pushing"), as well as profiting from such behavior, is forbidden.

Apparently this tactic does not break the rule so feel free to use it. Personally I feel that it is cheating.


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Interested if there's an official reply at all - from speaking to them both (Well before I saw this post) it's never been intended from world start but from an outside perspective it does look questionable.


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True, it's odd that the rule is written as 'Creating and/or using one or more accounts for the primary benefit of another' it's actually only enforced as 'Creating one or more accounts for the primary benefit of another'.

And even then it's allowed as long as you build some troops.

It happens on every world, it's become so common place you need to do it to keep up. I wish it was enforced with a stricter view for a world and see the impact. Once someone's decided they're not going to continue, they shouldn't be allowed to play their account for the benefit of another.

I'm sure there's many ways you can play your account for the benefit of another, and many ways you could get away with it, through just denying it until the moment your friend nobles you, but pushing your friend with res so they build extra nobles is one that is currently allowed and needs to be stopped.
For me, that becomes clear cut, playing the account to benefit another and should be treated as multi accounting.


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Yep, I've also seen it happen on several regular worlds and it doesn't just happen on casual.

I went so far as to send in a ticket about it on 1 world where the player in question would build up several then gift them to 1 or more players, only to be told they had not broken any rules. I agree it sucks as a tactic and comes way too close to breaking the rules imho BUT I'm kind of torn about banning it out-right.

Banning it completely means that tactical villa switches and lots of other things we all use from time to time must also become subject to the new rule. An out-right ban means making it a black and white issue which would need much stricter enforcement. No more gifting back line players an easy route to the
FL etc. and per usual, more players banned for trying to circumvent it.

So, because it isn't expressly forbidden, all that remains to decide is, if you can't beat them, will you join them too? o_O