Classic 12 Starts 11th October!

Discussion in 'Classic' started by dabookman, Oct 8, 2016.

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  1. dabookman

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    Oct 8, 2010
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    Classic 12 will open on the morning of 11th October 2016

    Speed 4
    Unit speed 1
    Noble Coins
    Smithy 10 tech
    Archers Yes
    Paladin No
    Bonus Vills Yes
    Barbs/bonus grow 750
    Church no
    Choose start Yes
    Beginner Protect 3 days
    Tribe Limit 6 No outside support
    Fake Limit 0
    Morale Points based
    Militia yes
    Attack/support gap 50ms
    Quest system old type
    Hauls on

    Win Condition 75% dominance for 7 days.

    Please note, only Premium and Loot assist are available on this round, no production bonus etc.

    Pre registration is now open.
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  2. I am Shifty

    I am Shifty Guest

    Looks good.

    I have a question about one of the settings.
    How long until you can support players when joining their tribe?
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  3. gooders17

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    Apr 19, 2012
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    Pretty sure its 2 days on this world.
  4. I am Shifty

    I am Shifty Guest

    So how many of these settings are present?
    Let's count..

    Speed 4? Nope.
    Unit Speed 1? Nope.
    Coins? Nope.
    10 tech? Nope.
    Archers? Nope.
    Paladin? Nope, it's there.
    Bonus vills? Nope.
    Grow 750? Nope, they grow to 1000.
    Church? Yes!!
    Choose Start? Nope.
    Beginner Protect 3 days? Nope, It's 2 days.
    Tribe limit? It's 5 not 6.
    Outside support off? Yes!!
    Fake Limit 0? Yes!!
    Morale points based? Nope.
    Militia? Yes!
    Attack/Support gap 50ms? Nope it's 100ms.
    Old quests? Nope, it's new quests.
    Hauls? Yes!

    So that's 5/19 settings done correctly :)
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  5. surrounded by nubs

    surrounded by nubs Member

    Aug 7, 2015
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    Production bonus IS available...
  6. I am Shifty

    I am Shifty Guest

    There's another. Basically it's an absolute disaster of a world opening.
    On classic there is always one setting going wrong (example, last one was packets when it was supposed to be coins) but this is just a whole new level...