Classic 16 will open 10th November 2018


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Community Manager
Speed 3
unit speed 0.6
Academy coin
Simple tech
Paladin Yes with weapons
Archers Yes
Church No
Beginner protect 3 days
Attack gap 100ms
Tribe limit 4 player must be in tribe 5 days before sending support
Militia yes
Hauls Yes This round will also feature scavenging
Barbs grow 2000
Bonus vills Enhanced type
No outside support, support withdrawn on leaving tribe
No Attacking Tribe mates

Win condition Tribe holding 70% Dominance for 5 days


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Community Manager
The round will be closely monitored. We will not tolerate the tactics attempted in a previous round.

Players attempting the "Merge to win" will be considered as pushing, so there will be no mass gifting or internalling of allied tribes, if we notice accounts going grey to circumvent this, I will consider restricting barb nobling.


This world has 15 tech research, might be called simple tech but that is misleading.
Has anyone used that with archers?


Not even out of BP and war declared on us! Haha. And they brought some mates! ;-)

If this is played fair this could be fun!