Classic 19 will open 14th September 2019


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Community Manager
Reaction score
Speed: 3
Unit Speed: 1
Noble: Coins
Smithy: Simple Tech
Archers: No
Paladin: Yes Old weapons
Bonus villages: Enhanced
Barbs and Bonus grow to: 1000
Church: No
Watch Tower No
Stronghold No
Choice of starting location: Yes
Beginners Protection:3 Days
Tribe Limit: 5
Fake Limit: No
Farm Limit: No
Limited Hauls
Morale: Points/Time based, will be removed when one tribe reaches 45% dominance
Militia: Yes
Attack/Support Gap: 100ms
Night Bonus: 00:00 – 08:00
Maximum sitting of 2 players at any one time
No outside support, support withdrawn on leaving tribe
No Attacking Tribe mates

Win Condition.75% Dominance held for 3 days