Classic 2 Summer Special


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Dear Ladies, Gentlemen & other sapient life forms.

Welcome to the summer special Classic2. This world will have premium features enabled so it's a High Performance world

Speed: 3.5
Unit Speed: 0.75
Noble: Coins
Smithy: Simple
Archers: No
Paladin: Yes (Simple)
Bonus village: No
Barbs grow/shrink 2000
Church: No
Watchtower: No
Stronghold No
Flags Yes
Choice of starting location: No
Beginners Protection: 4 Days
Tribe Limit: 6 - Player must be in tribe 3 days before support can be sent,
No outside support, support sent with trains will return if village conquer fails.
Fake Limit: 2%
Farm Limit: No
Haul: Yes no scavenging
Morale: Points/Time based, (morale will be removed at a later date)
Militia: Yes
Attack/Support Gap: 50
Night Bonus: 00:00 – 08:00 Def factor X3

No account sitting for the first 14 days
Win conditions. 75% for 5 days

Pre Registration is now open


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settings says 8 tribe member limit and thats what pre-register said as well as we are already with 8 in tribe