Classic 21 will open Tuesday 2nd June 10am


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Speed: 3.5
Unit Speed: 0.75
Noble: Coins
Smithy: 10 tech
Archers: No
Paladin: Yes no weapons
Bonus villages: Enhanced
Barbs and Bonus grow to: 1500
Church: No
Choice of starting location: Yes
Beginners Protection: 3 Days
Ratio protection 20% for 1st 30 days
Tribe Limit: 10
No outside support, support withdrawn on leaving tribe,no attacking tribemates. In tribe 5 days before sending support
Fake Limit: 5%
Farm Limit: No
Morale: No
Militia: No
Hauls on no scavenging
Attack/Support Gap: 50ms
Night Bonus: 23:00 – 07:00
Tribelock after 45 days
No account sitting for first 14 days
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The Chosen Two

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World settings are very nice thanks @dabookman .

Any chance of a change on the 5% fake limit? I think that's massive. On a 9700 point village thats almost 500 pop of troops per fake. Can we remove the fake limit entirely please?

Also on the settings:
It says Morale is active.

Finally, can you please let us know why account sitting is disabled for first 14 days? Seems very strange, that's over a month on a normal world if we account for the time.


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Will support be withdrawn on leaving a tribe or can people join a tribe, send support and leave?

Mr Stabby

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Support would be withdrawn on leaving tribe.

I agree with The Chosen Two on the fake limit, at 5% that is a huge amount of population on a fully built village and would be good to remove it all together.