Classic 26 opens Saturday 26th March mid morning


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Speed: 2.5
Unit Speed: 065
Noble: packets
Smithy: simple
Archers no
Paladin: no
Bonus villages : yes
Barbs grow to: 1000
Church: No
Watchtower Yes
Choice of starting location: Yes
Beginners Protection:3 Days
Tribe Limit: 6 - Player must be in tribe 3 days before support can be sent, outside support Off Support can be sent behind nobles, if village conquered support will arrive, if conquer fails support returns home.
Fake Limit: 2%
Farm Limit: No
Hauls On
Morale: Points based
Militia: No
Attack/Support Gap: 50ms
Night Bonus: 23:00 – 07:00

Tribelock at 45 days No amnesty

Win condition. 75% dominance for 3 days

Pre Registration is now open
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Having seen these settings discussed in the discord, it seems quite a number of people are not very happy with these settings.
Particularly the fake limit + WT combo is strange, as is the relatively slow world speed (for a classic).

Perhaps if the fake limit could be removed completely, and the world speed increased (to 4 or 5x). This may attract more players to join.
There is also no info on barb numbers, but if this could be a bit higher that would make the world more interesting also.


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Would have been better if few polls were made in advance concerning settings, because the ones applied here are all that make a classic world a non classic one.


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wtachtower in classic eh classic is like what was here first never seen a watchtower in classic world in 2012 and before that and the speed is so low 2.5 should be 4.0 or 5.0 in my opinion
how many barbs are ther in the world as i dont see any numbers on those either