Co for live


Looking to make a complete team.

Acc right now:;500
World & settings: uk.27

Because uk is so disastrous in terms of scripts i'd like .uk world 27 to be my last. After this you'll go international with us to .net / .us perhaps further if we want to explore lol. My other lovely is getting bored of not attacking people, so night bonus is annoying!


You'd need to be fully operational from 7:00 till 23:00 uk server time.
If you have work or having free time, let it have a computer / laptop involved, no mobile during your shift.

Just really active is all i ask.

Speaking about shifts, you don't have to operate the account the entirety of these times ,i'll be on too but i'd like to spend more time in something else then Tw, you need to be flexible too, perhaps occasional wake ups in the middle of the night, don't expect it to much.


p.s yes i know the title is wrong cuse me for all the grammer correcters out there.
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