Co-Player or Account Take Over (For me)


Okay, just to clear things up a little, I'm looking to co-play an account or to take over an account, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR CO-PLAYERS, AND I AM NOT OFFERING AN ACCOUNT.

Now.. Lets get started. :)

The names Ahsmeets (Stuart) I've been playing TW between 6 and 7 years now. Recently took a break, I'm looking to get back into the Classic server, which was my fav. one.

I'm available from 08:00 ST until 03:00 ST if necessary, although I'd prefer to play from 13:00 until 03:00/04:00.

I've played on many worlds (UK WORLD 1 On this Ahsmeets account)

My highest account I've had control of (solo) was a little over 5 million points. It was .net under the name of Corleonis.

Some accounts I played during my time on .net.

Some accounts I played during my time on

If anyone is interested in having me as a co, please post below and let me know.
I'll be in the world Classic until I find an account where I will obey the rules, delete my account and wait the required time before logging into another one.

Please either PM me in game; Ahsmeets, or send me your skype name here and I'll add you when I see it.

Thanks for reading this guys. :)



Hi Stuart,

Andy aka Superdri here, just decided I want to play Classic and coplaying would suit me, I am known as Punk4life on .net but you can reach me on skype as therealsuperdri, I can fill you in on there mate if you would like, I'm no noob and know the game inside out, as I said we can skype if you like??