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Please don't flame, I've never done this before :icon_redface:

My online times are 0700-2300, I sometimes log off to eat or use the bathroom!

Looking to co with somebody on my account or theirs. I've literally just started W12 minutes ago. LC rushing with foundation defence already in place of course ;)

A demonstration of my abilities will be providing if asked for.For instance,
  1. Click Button & Switch to next Page
  2. Sniping (Regular and bounce, not perfect with cancel sniping)
  3. Mass faking
  4. Opera Next

If you're after a co hit me up on skype: impromptu20



With the slow speed of this world, and no morale, your wasting your time starting a new account.

Anything popping up on the rim is farmed after bp ends, or allowed to grow ready to noble later on.