Congrats to old friends


Just logging in to wish old friends in W1N a massive congrats on winning W1. Having started not long after your initial days in the core you guys grew into the massive powerhouse and am pleased to see you win it.

Still disappointed I wasn't able to last to the end myself but frankly 3 years is an insane amount of time for one world, as I mentioned to Luke just yesterday my Daughter is now 7 months old!

Anyways well done and perhaps we will all meet on another world :)


Thanks Bask, but I have to point out that many of us lasted the 3 years (divorces aside)


Thanks for the message Bask, it was a shame that we never got to work within the same tribe but it was a pleasure working with you for the majority of W1. 3 years is a very long time and hopefully we will keep in touch!


my Daughter is now 7 months old!

Wow bask i thought you were about 80 :lol:
Anyways Than you for being a nice guy a gentleman and a pleasure to converse with.
Wishing you and yours a long and most happy life xxxxxx