Congratulations to FAP on winning UK31


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Congratulations to FAP on winning UK31

The following Premium point prizes have been awarded.

#1 jack6116 3000pp

#2 blabla 2000pp #3 J.A.M 1000pp

All the other members of the winning tribe were awarded 500 pp each

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Congratulations to the winning tribe, they deserved Victory.

Congratulations also to my Doom boys, for withstanding at about 10 months of constant trench warfare till our -final- survival in the World.

This was our first meeting on UK Servers.
We will meet...again.


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Hey, I just want to congratulate you all for this world win and say a few things.

Jack6116 - what a world you've had, from the very beginning to the very end you've dominated. It's good to see you finally get that world win you've deserved for so long, especially after how w27 went. Was a pleasure playing alongside you <3

Gabbe/acar - was a pleasure having you duke me once again and it's good that you got your well deserved uk world win (can add it to your long list of total world wins ;P). I'm glad I got to play alonside you again and if you're playing any other world, I hope you are my duke again <3

(we need to make sure and show Glen and Justas how their account ended out, I'm sure they'd be proud :p)

Chrissy/ttc - was amazing to play yet another world with you, even tho we've not had much luck in our past few worlds, you done amazing in this one and deserve every bit of this win, enjoy tw retirement (msg me if/when you back ;))

SirPaulo/JAM - even tho me and Paul had our differences at the start, especially with that 1 villa we fought over xd it was fun after we put our differences aside and played together. Deano you were a legend the entire time you were with us :D

Luke/Nordic - you succ but was fun having you with me once again, make sure Jordan sees how it all ended ;D

The rest of FEW - thank you guys for joining us and making the war 50/50 in terms of points and dominating the world with us, was fun having you guys along for the ride :)

The rest of Poker - was a pleasure playing with you all from the start, was fun controlling our continent and slowly moving out :D

DOOM - you guys were amazing, you showed that even the underdogs can succeed. Even tho you were small, you managed to hold your own the entire world, and I respect that a lot. The mindset Darkling and others in Doom showed throughout the world were incredible and showed how dedicated these players were to seeing smash fall

Smash - thank you for making the war what it was. From the start of the war the sides were completely balanced and the fact there was no spying/backstabbing etc made it by far the most fun and enjoyable world I've ever played. Dotty/acjw/bertako making my life hell towards the end, but was really fun playing against everyone in smash and I wish you all the best of luck in future worlds :)

To my co's - thank you all for being a part of my account and taking time out to help me get it to where it is now. Mitch you're a god <3 Ryan you annoy me but you're amazing and it was a pleasure having you on and off my account <3 Bean thank you for helping out from time to time with ops etc <3

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this world for making it such an enjoyable one, I hope to see those who are continuing with tw again in other worlds, and for those of you who have decided this is your last world, enjoy your time away from the game and I wish everyone the best of luck in the future.

Kind Regards,