Congratulations to KnK on Winning UK7


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[tt]Today the final curtain came down on UK7 and I would like to congratulate all the members of KnK for reaching that 100% domination.

Now for the prizes:

  • 1st Pangela ~ 1000pp
  • 2nd Ash25 ~ 750pp
  • 3rd Raspberry ~ 500pp
  • and for each member of the winning tribe 300 points

Premium prizes will be with you within the next 48 hours

UK7 Guest Access



It's being fun guys..
Thanks to our Dukes and great players for making it so enjoyable.
Can't beleave it's all over ..

What next ?? :icon_twisted:


Nothing extra for the winning dukes? :-(

Only joking, thanks Tracey!

Also one final thankyou to all who sailed in the good ship KnK. Was an absolute privilege to lead you all to a well deserved victory.

Now for the next challenge :)


ok now i don't know what to do with myself......

looks like w11 will be getting more attention now :)

will be waiting for the next KnK phoenix to rise

thanks all of KnK and the mods that kept it all running

matt (cranness, --DIE--)


Wow! At the start I would never have thought UK7 would have finished before UK1 or say UK3 - Very well done guys :)

joe bloggs

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it has been a real pleasure to have been a part of KnK
so again thanks to the rest of the tribe and to everyone that was on the world =)


Jimmy you know i will never go to the dark side :icon_cool:

But you know i still love you :icon_redface:

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Grats guys, I remember when I was a KnK back at the beginning. You deserve it and a good job :)


Well done guys and girls from KnK. I hope i can fight along side you one day. mike mikebenji


It's certainly strange having Uk7 closed, I have to spend my online gaming time elsewhere! Let's just hope I don't get too engrossed in (insert online game here) to play the next world! Still though, delighted to have been part of the KnK experience, it seems a well-deserved, and certainly hard-earned, win.

Grats guys, I remember when I was a KnK back at the beginning. You deserve it and a good job :)
lol, love your euphism for quit

W1 - xXSaintXx, Ashley Kinnard, Luke Bishop - W1N - Retired Rank 1
W3 - Reduaram, Guess Who - RA, Egg - Retired Rank 1
W5 - OldWisdom - LEON - Retired Top 3
W6 - Death Lurkss - Gold - Retired Top 3
W7 - xXSaintXx - TuToR - Retired Top 3
W9 - OldWisdom - Axes! - Retired Rank 1
w7 - won
w8 - won
w9 - about to win


well done on winning world uk7.

well there are now a fair few veteran players hanging around from worlds uk 7/8
when does world 12 start i wonder...